This course, taught by Mimi Gross, the 2010-11 Genevieve McMillan/Reba Stewart Chair in Painting, is a multi-discipline collaborative class that began with an open-ended prompt to create a plan for a digestive system playground. The students took that idea and ran with it, and soon what started as sketches had turned into an impressive free-form sculpture that continues to grow. Separately, each student developed a structure inspired by the human body, and together they have combined their different aesthetics into one organic form. The class truly lives up to its name by encouraging students from different backgrounds to share their disparate creations, ultimately showcasing the flawed beauty that results when these parts must fit together.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bird's Eyes

Here's a composited image of an overhead view of the park. You should look at it, it's pretty exciting.


  1. It's a little confusing but it looks really great! I LOVE IT

  2. I love the idea of exploring, recreating, and inhabiting ontological space. More planning and attention to craftsmanship. MORE GLITTER!!!
    overall i think it looks like shit, but the concept is great.

  3. You guys should dump a shit ton of glitter on it, or throw it out.


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